Large (Gallon Plus) Screen Printer for Flats or Cylinders

The GID-SSTUV4 is a large diameter screen printer that can print up to 4 colors. It is available as a 1, 2, 3 or 4 color printer for either large diameter cylinders up to 6 or for F style flat gallon containers as a flat screen printer.

A special oversize model is available to order to accommodate up to 7" cylinder diameter.

No automatic feeder is normally available for this system. Bottles are fed by hand onto a large, heavy-duty in-feed conveyor and are taken out automatically on a heavy-duty exit conveyor at right angles to the machine.

Speeds of up to 3000 an hour are possible depending on the operator s ability to feed the machine.

Combinations can also be added in Z formation to allow up to 8-color printing by adding 2 machines together with a link conveyor.

Technical specifications are as follows:

Maximum Cylinder Diameter:                  6" (Special Machine diameter 7" )
Maximum printing length:                       11.8"
Maximum printing width:                        11.8"
Maximum cycle speed:                          3000 pph
Power supply:                                       220V, 60C, 3 phase
Weight:                                                8800 lbs (4 colors)


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