Technical Description. The following are technical parameters of the machine:

Maximum printing diameter       310 mm
Maximum printing height           380 mm
Maximum taper on container     12°
Maximum bucket diameter        368 mm
Maximum bucket height            380 mm
Maximum print length                970 mm
Maximum printing speed            60 parts per minute on smallest container and up to 1200 per hour on 20L pails.
Total power consumption 18.6 kw
Overall dimensions of machine 5.7m X 4.7m X 2.65m
Optional Mitsubishi high speed PLC available

Description of Working System:

Buckets are fed automatically, surface treated and passed into the offset machine. The main print drum is available with up to 3 blankets and down to 1 blanket. The operator can adjust these on the control panel outside the machine.
Each printing head is controlled by an independent motor and ink density is regulated automatically.
The print heads are available with no bucket, no print device.
Print heads swing open for cleaning.
Curing is by UV and the distance is adjustable according to bucket size.
The whole machine is enclosed in an O.S.H.A. type cabinet with UV filtered windows to watch the printing operation taking place.
All equipment is manufactured in our OEM factory with an output of 90 machines per year in a standard year.

Figure 1: Open view of main drum Figure 2: Color heads. Complete color head
during construction including 7 rollers and a form roller.

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