GID specializes in multicolor screen print decorating lines. These are for:

Bottles - Up to 8 colors in line complete with feeding, orienting, UV curing and pack out. In line systems are modular, allowing additional colors to be added on request.

Pails/Buckets - Up to 8 colors in line. Screen print is especially practical because of durability to sunlight outdoors, and product resistance to pail content. The spectre of faded offset colors and warnings on products can be both unsightly and dangerous, now overcome with highly accurate, multi-color screen printing on pails.

Rigid/SoftTubes/Jars – Up to 6 color rotary turret printers, with pin point register on mandrel based systems. These are particularly suitable for wide mouth “Tube” objects, where the mandrel supports the outer shell.

Quality Control Systems – These are ‘Deco Systems’ print inspection for screen print, offset, pad print, hot stamp and digital printing. These ‘Deco Systems’ can be fitted to our own equipment or retro fitted to any brand of competitors’ equipment. ‘Deco System’ is the number 1 recognized QC Control System for printing on objects worldwide.

Semi-Automatic Alternatives for Screen Printing
GID also offers:

  • Semi-automatic Screen Printers
  • UV Dryers (pails or bottles)
  • UV Peg Dryers
  • Flamers
  • Peg Ovens

Dry Offset Printers:
GID offers a quality, lower cost, excellent ROI alternative. A full range of printers is available.

  • For cups, square objects, hollow containers in up to 8 colors
  • For caps and lids
  • For other industrial objects

Hot Stamping Machines:

  • For tubes and jars
  • For Bottles

Pad Printers:

  • For cups and lids only

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